Hemingways’ Inspiration

The IGFA has been instrumental in helping put this project together. Pictured above is Ernest Hemingway (right) with Henry Strate and the remains of a magnificent blue marlin they caught off Bimini in 1936. With 1/2 of the fish eaten by sharks, it still weighed in at over 500 pounds, providing the backstory of his…

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A Fish of a Lifetime

Michael_Fowlkes_Fish_of_a_Lifetime swordfish

Sometimes words just don’t do a story justice. Sometimes an amazing fish tale is best if you hear it from the source. Take an audio journey with Michael Fowlkes, as he tells the real story of how he caught his Fish of a lifetime. Enjoy!

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Vintage Tackle: The Evolution of Line

Vintage Tackle_

When angling became popular in Europe, a book published way back in 1496, describes how fisherman braided high quality horsehair for fishing line that was void of weak spots and imperfections, and was painstakingly hand braided with a special tool. By about 1908, silk line replaced horsehair. The woven silk line threads were longer and…

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The Offshore Explorer: Episode 3

The History of Sportfishing_Ryan_Griffin_Offshore Explorer_Episode_3_Blog

Episode 3: HEAVY METALS, MILLION DOLLAR MARLIN AND MONEY TOURNAMENTS. Ryan Griffin, @PACFIGHTER part 2: The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Chase continues his discussion with Ryan Griffin about the worlds richest fishing tournament, Bisbees 2109, and about getting tested for mercury and uranium from fish consumption and what it means, and…

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The Smartest Fish in the Sea?

marmoratus Guadeloupe_Blog_Template_580x290_landscape

Today I wondered about the smartest fish in the sea, and this is what I found. The top hit was an article by Karl Gruber (Our Blue Planet/BBCearth), titled “These are the world’s smartest fish”. Well, Gruber says the Killfish are a super smart/adept species, because apparently the mangrove rivulus aka killfish (Kriptolebias marmoratus) has…

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DC Creative Inc: Saving Brittle Film


We’re talking to several companies that specialize in film transfers using a process called “wet gate scanning”, that has been a standard for years when dealing with old films. But a group in Burbank, California, called DC Creative Inc. has an exclusive and proprietary scanning process utilizing The Reflex Technologies film scanners and the digital…

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Lisa Snuggs, SEOPA connects with The History of Sportfishing!


Lisa Snuggs, from SEOPA.org reached out to us because of our recent “Go Fund Me” launch campaign for The History of Sportfishing. We are ectstatic because Lisa is a lifelong, freshwater, light-line angler with a tremendous legacy in the freshwater fishing industry. Currently, Lisa is the Executive Director of Southeastern Outdoor Press Association (SEOPA), and…

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The Offshore Explorer, Episode 2:

Ryan_Griffin_The History of Sportfishing promo pic

Join Chase Offield as he sits down with Ryan Griffin aka @PACFIGHTER to cover an array of subjects from deep dropping, to fishing the Bluefin and Seabass. Ryan talks about the importance of protecting secret honey holes, fishery management, Insta-fame, building your own boat, sushi and his personal recap of the 2019 Bisbee’s tournament and…

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The Biodiversity Heritage Library: A Treasure Trove of Fishing History.

woodcut of two fish enjoying the sea

The Biodiversity Heritage Library is a fantastic online resource with an abundance of historical books, illustrations and scientific exploration spanning hundreds of years. Here you can find some of the most beautiful illustrations of fish, plants, animals, mollusks or most any topic that has to do with Natural History. We of course, enjoy this library…

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The Offshore Explorer, Episode 1:

Chase_Podcast_Feature photo

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are to introduce Chase Offield’s very first Offshore Explorer Podcast with marine biologist, Chugey Sepulveda. Chugey is the Director and Lead Scientist for the Pfleger Institute of Environment Research (PIER).  What these two men covered in 90 minutes taught me more about swordfish than I’ve been able to learn fishing…

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