The Offshore Explorer, Episode 1:

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are to introduce Chase Offield’s very first Offshore Explorer Podcast with marine biologist, Chugey Sepulveda. Chugey is the Director and Lead Scientist for the Pfleger Institute of Environment Research (PIER).  What these two men covered in 90 minutes taught me more about swordfish than I’ve been able to learn fishing for them my entire life.

In a completely open, no holes bared discussion, Chase and Chugey covered everything from the inception of the Southern California commercial deep-set fishery, to biological facts of these amazing animals, their habitat, feeding and migration patterns, to breaking down the explosion of the recreational deep-drop fishery and its complexities.

If you’ve ever dreamed of catching a swordfish, and only listen to one Podcast your entire life, The Offshore Explorer is the one to listen to.   jMichael Fowlkes

Episode 1: Diving Deep with Chugey Sepulveda.

You can find the Episode 1: Podcast here:

For more information about the Pfleger Institute of Environment Research (PIER) and Chugey Sepulveda, check out their work here:

Chugey Sepulveda,