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Your contribution of any amount, will be instrumental in preserving thousands of feet of decaying 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm films handed down to us from previous generations. These fragile celluloid glimpses into the history of sportfishing will be lost forever without your help.

Your contributions will not only go to preserving these old films, but will also seed the associated production costs of producing the Pilot Episode, Chapter 1: The Birth of Big Game Fishing.

When we complete our fundraising budget for the pilot, any additional  funds will then go directly to the production of the remaining 8 Chapters of the Series.

To contribute, please click on the green button above and thank you for becoming a part of preserving the history of sportfishing for generations to come.


March 15, 2020.  The first few days of our fundraising efforts have been very encouraging. I Can't even begin to tell you how grateful we are for your generous contributions to this project, and it confirms that this story needs to be told.  From the depths of my soul, thank you.

Because of the individuals below, people just like you, who care enough about our sport to make a contribution, we're going to be able save these incredible old films. These individuals have just become a part of sportfishing history by helping to preserve it's legacy.

Ron Gribble

Adam Potwora

Brandon Hayward

Sam Anh

Russel Brown

John Loo

Raymond Chiu

Mark Romero

Keith Lambert

Hal H.

Danny Jackson

Ken Reed

Jamie Stephens

Tom Rogers

Zack S.

Ken Cirks

Dill DePriest

Fred Stier

Casey Parlette

John Tully

Geline Zampell

Tony Garza

Jack-e Cook

Rick Cha

Jack Oren

James Bateman

Patrick Gee

Robert Pranin

Kenneth Morris

Randy Tharaldson

Kip Kennedy

David Yates

Rob Espinosa

Robert Woodcox

Jim Holden

Anthony Dileva

Dave R.

Roy Blomquist

Russell Eaton

Cheer Critchlow

Don Salveson

Grant Christianson

Mark Wheeler

Mike Steglic

Bill Maudru

Jimmy Van Evera

Greg Gorian

Eddie Means

Kevin Helfund

John Ludlow

Ariel Ortiz

Project costs of over 1/2 million dollars to save these old films that have been passed down from those before us, and begin production on the pilot may seem like an impossible dream, but thanks to those who have generously given so far, we have raised 4.6 thousand dollars in just 5 days...more than enough to get started digitizing some of the footage.

Update: 4/23/2020

We are currently at $6,645 and going strong!  Thanks to all who have contributed during these challenging times!

No matter what size of contribution you make, it will make a difference.

Again, thank you for caring about the history of our sport, as well as it's future.  Together we are making sportfishing history.  I can't do this without you.  Michael Fowlkes.


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