A very special thanks goes out to the International Game Fish Association, President, Jason Schratwieser and  Gail Morchower,  for their invaluable help in providing some of the most amazing historical footage and images we’ve ever seen.




We are also honored to be working in partnership with the American Sportfishing Association on this project. As a national organization with nearly a century of leadership to the sportfishing community, the ASA stands together with anglers across the U.S. to promote and protect our sport for future generations.


Same for the West Palm Beach Fishing Club, Tom Twyford President West Palm Beach Fishing Club and Jeff Aderman, Videographer, for their contributions not only in archive footage and images, but for the amazing work the WPBFC has done since it’s inception for conservation and habit restoration.



We are also grateful to The Charles C. Ebbets Estate Archives. Ebbets was a world-renowned photographer and a lifelong fisherman who served 2 decades on the Metropolitan Miami Fishing Tournament Board of Directors. His archive of thousands of fishing photographs that span over 50 years has been an invaluable resource to this project.


Fishing buddies, Ted Williams, Joe Brooks and Charlie Ebbets

Photo © Charlie Ebbets, Charles C. Ebbets Estate Collection

Ebbetts at Work in the Everglades

Ebbets at work in the Everglades

Photo © Charlie Ebbets, Charles C. Ebbets Estate Collection


A Documentary Film Series by Michael Fowlkes


Fishing is a sport that has grown in form and function like no other. Sportfishing was born of creative minds who transformed what was once a simple act of subsistence it into an art form. They used their passion and ingenuity to drive the sport forward and taught others the value that could be found in the simple act of catching a fish. Along the way, they also taught us that we are stewards of that which sustains us.

We invite you to join us on our journey as we pay tribute to the History of Sportfishing. Please click on the "Chapters” menu link above for more details about the series.


We are creating a 10-part television series about the history of sportfishing, produced in the spirit and style of award-winning documentarians, Ken Burns and Bruce Brown.

This project will enable us to preserve decaying old home movies, 8mm, 16mm and 35mm fishing films that have been collected over the years. Some of these films, nearly 100-years old,  are turning to dust in the archives because time has caused the celluloid filament in the film to dry out. The film stock is becoming so brittle, that these historic films must be digitized soon, or they will be lost forever.  The digital conversions will then be entrusted for safe keeping to the International Game Fish Association.



"Southern California has a rich and unique history, from the founding of Avalon Tuna Club in 1898, to the innovation of kite fishing and the vast long-range tuna fleet. Nobody captures this history and spirit better than Michael Fowlkes. I know Michael will bring this history to life in this new series, with images and footage from the real pioneers.  Whether you're an angler or history buff, you will love this passionate project, sight unseen."

Dave Pfeiffer, President/ Shimano America


IMG_1390 MK fish on copy

The founder of the Award-Winning television series, Inside Sportfishing, Michael Fowlkes.

Our Production Team

Michael Fowlkes - Inside Sportfishing Producer/Director

Chase Offield - Co-Founder Offield Center for Billfish Studies

Stuart Christensen - Producer/Editor

Check Our Progress

As the making of this series comes to life, we will take you along, with updates, stories, photos, film clips and interviews with Sportfishing Legends, Industry Leaders and Conservationists. Check back often as we begin this project to capture, The History of Sportfishing.

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