The History of Sportfishing: Go Fund Me Update, 3/22/2020

A quick update on our project as we’re all dealing with this unprecedented situation. Hopefully, everyone is playing it smart and being proactive as far as keeping yourself and loved ones as safe as possible as the situation unfolds.

Obviously, we’ve put all fund raising efforts on hold, but not the project itself. We have received enough support to start running some tests on digitizing the old films and will post some clips soon. We are anticipating some great footage from what’s waiting for us in the reservoir of films we have on hand. We’re also sending out a huge thank you to those of you that have found old family home movies and have sent them to us!

We’re also working on being given access to some 1920s-30s footage from the Kovalovsky family of a young Arthur arriving at Ellis Island. The story of his arrival in America without a dime in his pocket, to becoming (who many believe) the greatest reel maker of all time and is the embodiment of what this project is all about.

Arthur Kovalovsky
Arthur Kovalovsky Reels

That’s it for now. Be smart, be safe, and be grateful for all that we have. Michael Fowlkes