Chase Offield - Executive Producer


The Offield Center for Billfish Studies has been conducting groundbreaking research on marlin species since 2000 and has grown into the largest billfish program in the world with over 500 satellite popup tags deployed on marlin around the globe. Founded by Chase's father, conservationist Paxson Offield, the OCBS continues its global efforts to study and aid in efforts to track the migration and populations of billfish worldwide. 

Packy Ollfield
Packy Ollfield

The Offield Center for Billfish Studies initial focus was on striped marlin throughout the Pacific, but recent years have seen the program widen its focus to include black marlin and, more recently, blue marlin. Tagging sites include Ghana, Madeira, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, California, Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Costa Rica, New Zealand and Australia. OCBS collaborates with other organizations such as the The Billfish Foundation and the International Game Fishing Association, as well as noted scientists all over the world.

Chase Offield

Chase carries on the work started by his father, and is involved in conservation work in places all around the globe.

Chase delved into sport fishing at a young age on California's Catalina Island-- catching striped marlin, white sea bass, tuna, and other species. The young Offield also developed a lifelong affinity for fisheries conservation and science and ethical angling practices.

The family launched the Offield Center for Billfish Studies where they teamed with fishing friends to deploy satellite tags in pelagic fish in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, the Galapagos Islands, Tahiti and the U.S. Their research was integral in the early testing of satellite pop-up tags, SPOT tags, and studies of post-release mortality using circle hooks versus j-hooks.

The Offields were early supporters of the IGFA Great Marlin Race and continue to help grow the program.

Chase enjoys fishing with friends as well as high-level tournament competition. A past chairman and two-time winner of the International Masters Angling Tournament, Offield believes the event is the ultimate test in angling that strictly adheres to IGFA rules.