Lisa Snuggs, SEOPA connects with The History of Sportfishing!

Lisa Snuggs, from reached out to us because of our recent “Go Fund Me” launch campaign for The History of Sportfishing. We are ectstatic because Lisa is a lifelong, freshwater, light-line angler with a tremendous legacy in the freshwater fishing industry. Currently, Lisa is the Executive Director of Southeastern Outdoor Press Association (SEOPA), and the daughter of Bodie McDowell (Bodie Bass, Hall of Famer and past president of the OWAA and SEOPA). As well, Lisa was the former PR director for the esteemed PRADCO Fishing, a historical group of brands with roots going back to 1894.

Bodie McDowell, SEOPA and OWAA

Aside from her vast understanding of the freshwater scene, Lisa has a unique perspective on the industry and has offered to work with us on the series, and most importantly, guide us through the episode we have planned for our chapter on Women in Sportfishing. We welcome her involvement and can’t wait to get started. So, for all you freshwater people out there, stay tuned…we have some good stuff in store for you!

And, if that’s not enough, Lisa is an accomplished singer/songwriter who croons about fish and other good life stuff! Now that’s a winning combo!!! You can hear the work of Lisa Snuggs here:

I’d Rather Go Fishin’ CD is only available by contacting Lisa at,

More from Lisa McDowell Snuggs here: Give her a click through!

And, for any up and coming young writers, The Bodie McDowell Scholarship program may just help you along your path to writing about the subject you love!

The Bodie McDowell scholarship program is open to undergraduate and graduate-level college students from all communications and journalism disciplines and all schools. Undergraduate applicants must be entering their junior or senior years of study; graduate student applicants must have at least one remaining year of study. For more information, hop on over to for more scholarship details!

As well, SEOPA has an educational foundation (OJEFA) that currently offers scholarships to bring three aspiring young outdoor communicators to the SEOPA conference at absolutely no cost! For more click information check out the link below:

We give a big thanks to Lisa Snuggs and look forward to having her input regarding The History of Sportfishing series!